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Finish the project


My developer stopped working unfortunately. The project is completed for 80%. I need an team who can complete the remaining work.

Your task is to make a fast , easy to read website, to review what is done and improve where it should be.
Code should be clean, and website should be also efficient.

I prefer for professional parties with marketing skills and have a right sense of helping, not only implementing but also giving feedback and suggestions.

Site is build in WordPress.

i need an detailes project proposal and review of existing work before i start to work with you.

design is also mostly complete but maybe can be improved
development site: https://www.criticalinvestor.alquemedia.com/
Original site: http://www.dekritischebelegger.nl/

Launch ChecklistVerberg voltooide itemsVerwijderen…
1. In the Orange Bar remove the space between the line of the dress, as is indicated in the Whatts app. @scalderon5 .
2. Implement font-size changer plugin and place in top menu
3. Change Support for Helpdesk.
4. The implementation of product design doesn’t look good, needs to be more like the design in Marvelapps. Please review and improve the implementation @scalderon5 Ready by 5/18/2018
Always redirect to https:// (required by Facebook login)
5. On the landing page, the background behind the text needs to be a bit darker, like in marvelapps
6. Implement Dutch translation of Chatbot
7. On home page, the chatbot button is covering the text to the left of the subscrbe button
8.Finish the Forum.
9. In the orange text box, change Support to Helpdesk
10. On the Latest News, the previews need to be interlaced
11. For single Article, e.g. http://www.criticalinvestor.alquemedia.com/dax-leading-up-to-negative-sentiment/ the implementation of the design needs to be more like that of Marvelapps, please review and correct
12. For single product, the tabs don’t look like the design of marvelapps
13. In Article, the text and controls for leaving a comment must be in Dutch, not in Spanish
14. In Search, controls must be in Dutch, not in Spanish
15. In Forum, implement the top bar
16. In Forum, implement add topic
17, In forum, hover transition is too strong, need to soften with fade, perhaps a different color
Forum: i want also the ability to login with facebook and twitter
quitar hover en foro y dejarlo azul oscuro el listado de post
Forum: i want the ability to upload images, docs by users, like what i already have.
fix styles for search results @kevinsaidcorralesvalencia
18. raise chatbot button so as not to cover the text @kevinsaidcorralesvalencia 5/17/2018
Styling top buttons at section product @kevinsaidcorralesvalencia
1. Implement Latest News Archive https://marvelapp.com/bb7bda4/screen/39424509
2. search for a solution to display the review count @kevinsaidcorralesvalencia image.png
fix the square margin sections in landing page
For text size changer, remember user’s choice when going to another page. @kevinsaidcorralesvalencia
For text size changer, the left-side should be default, not smaller than default @kevinsaidcorralesvalencia
3. each tab in products sections should have url
Investigate how to replace out-of-box author page with custom view
search if you can see preview of picture upload in topic
slider input should change the zoom of browser
fix the borders in landing page
search linkedin login integration @kevinsaidcorralesvalencia
Reduce Padding in nav buttons
tomorrow confirm twitter account by email
In Landing, right side control should not be below the fold
In Landing, right side text box shadow should be slightly darker to compensate for background
Login with social media buttons should be bigger
4. In Facebook APP add the domain
On home page, latest news was affected by style changes on the latest news page
Add search control to top menu
Ask Diana for the font size changer background image
Fix aspect of font-size input
Fix forum selector input style
Cookie privacy plugin (same as existing site) @kevinsaidcorralesvalencia
Review all mobile views @kevinsaidcorralesvalencia
Move Site to production environment
5. Pre-launch testing for broken links, usability
6. Pre-launch speed optimization
7. Pre-launch usability test
7b. Upload site to new URL www2
7c. Testing of beta users @satilmisersintepe 3 days
8. Migrate existing articles, forum, users data to new site
8b. Switch site to live URL
IMPLEMENT market movementsm like https://www.investing.com/, at the right sidebar.
Style https://www.criticalinvestor.alquemedia.com/archieven/
https://www.criticalinvestor.alquemedia.com/home-safe/ maybe a gif for moving water


Here are the designs: https://marvelapp.com/bb7bda4/screen/37484627

Your task is to make a fast , easy to read website to review what is done and improve where it should be.
code should be clean and website should be also efficient.

here are some design guides:
-For people over 50
-for people who have money and want to invest: reliable appearance.
investors: differentiate yourself and let investing.
site must be fast and AMP compatible & Instant Articles compatible
-SEO optimal
-Being safe
-site must be safe: https and cookies legislation
-use woocommerce / newsletter / call to action
– bbpress

– innovative concepts:
Chatbot, Split content , Lazy loading . Videography is the new photography , Geometric forms , Next level storytelling. Oversized typography. Full screen navigation. Color.Gradients
Conversational interfaces: chatbot that helps visitor with what he wants to read or is interested
– whatsapp share button
– increase the text size as desired
Layout for the elderly
1, Font size and font
Older people often have a more limited view. Small letters start to dance and can not be deciphered for them. Make sure that the letters are at least 16 pixels in size. Also use a font that has wide, clear letters. Arial , Calibri , Tahoma , Open Sans and Helvetica can be used perfectly. Times New Roman is already harder to read. Be sure not to use letter letters with many loops. Also oblique letters (italic) is not recommended.
Let the visitor determine the font size. Put the top three A little. A small one, a larger one and a larger one. If you click on one of the A particles, the font automatically adapts. This option is highly appreciated by older users.
2, Color use
The colors used are also an important factor. Older visitors have more difficulty with unclear color differences. In particular, colors such as red and blue must be avoided in or next to each other. The best and clearest are contrasting colors. A light background with dark text or foreground works best.
3, Advertisements
Be very cautious with ads on your website. The elderly are more suspicious than the average visitor and experienced advertisements are often negative. They can also separate ordinary content and advertisements more difficult. If you do use advertisements, make sure that the ads are not too loud. Quiet and above all relevant advertisements can be added value.
4, Special attention to the tablet
The elderly are the largest group of users of tablets. So make sure that the website pico bello is displayed on a tablet.
5, Additional explanation needed
* difficulty remembering login names and passwords.
* Try saving and remembering to avoid data as much as possible.
* If there is no other option, make sure that the settings can be saved and explain clearly why something needs to be saved.
6, Use references
An average visitor of a website is already sensitive to references. An older visitor is even more sensitive to this. Especially when friends or former colleagues have given a positive reference, they almost automatically assume that the website or product is good. Also read our blog The power of references.
7, Shame for asking for help
-help function
– page with frequently asked questions
8, Keyboard accessible
Make all elements on the screen accessible and manageable with the keyboard. For a photo gallery or video, ensure that the keyboard can be scrolled through the photos or that the video can be operated. Also make sure that subtitles can be read in a video.
Reading function
Some elderly people have such a limited view that it is almost impossible for them to see what can be read on a website. A reading function offers a solution. When clicking on the loudspeaker, the text is read on the website. This way the visitor is still able to take the content of the website.
– Navigation menus and action buttons should be made larger. The use of mouse-over effects also increases the tendency to click
– do not use unnecessary buttons or links (eg if you show multiple photos, use clear buttons with previous picture or next picture, but do not show a whole zipper of pictures that are clickable )

– Reduce the need to click unnecessarily and avoid small, inaccessible scrolling areas

– Use different colors to aid navigation

– Use touchscreen – finger tapping tends to decline later than fine- grained engine controls needed to click the mouse
-Keep navigation simple by following memorable UI patterns
– use clear structure from top to bottom (so do not cover your entire screen with an immense banner that we see more often in web 2.0)
– no moving elements, so no sliders
– keep it consistent, if you use 1 color for a button, use the same button with the same color everywhere, eg if you have blue button to perform an action, do not use blue anymore for something else
– make all texts / links clear what it does, so do not ‘search’, but ‘enter a keyword here and click on search’

– use bright colors if you want to use colors, not light yellow or light blue or anything that is not clear that it has a color, because the older they get, the worse the view
Make sure that older people can easily know what and where they can find something. Use a clear page structure, and make sure they do not have to click 20 times to get to a particular page.
– In the elderly, you want to encourage guidelines even more. So put the font size larger than usual, make buttons more descriptive and clear, if necessary make a manual of your site how to do the simplest things
– Use a spacing of 1.5 for texts so that they are easier to read
– Use few images and icons because they distract too much. This also applies to everyone. Icons should be kept simple and descriptive so that older users immediately understand the meaning of the icons and do not have to guess at them
– Use bold names of the navigation buttons. The use of the so-called ‘bread crumb’ is also important here
– Avoid fly-out menus . The elderly can not handle this well
– Use of search options with ‘auto- suggest ‘ to prevent spelling errors
– Do not make pages or scroll very clearly
– Make it clearly recognizable on the left
– Be cautious with downloads
– Provide an accessible search function

– Privacy and security are important issues
– Offer the possibility of personal contact
– Recognition : It is important that seniors recognize themselves in your website. Use to address them, for example, photos of older people.
– Ensure perfect usability
As a last tip an in-store, but an essential one! Good user-friendliness and accessibility is key .
– Take into account, for example, that older people do not have such a firm hand to click with the mouse small links.
– Give your visitors the opportunity to customize your website, such as the NS does well, so that even visually impaired can serve the website.
– Older people assume that they have done something wrong or broken if an error message comes. So in the event of faults, inaccessibility etc on the site, they think that they have made something piece. Important to reassure them that it is not theirs and that they have to come back later.
Older people are much more than young people willing to follow instructions, as long as the instructions are simple and clear.
– Be extremely cautious about the use of e-mail in your business process. Many elderly people do not read their e-mail or do not even know they have an e-mail address! Confirmation mail can be quite an obstacle: “oh yes e-mail … that was what my grandson put on it, but I do not know how to do that anymore”. Or they do not read their mail anymore because it has become 99% spam and they are afraid to get viruses on their computer (and they are right in that too).
– Clickable surfaces on a site are as large as possible. Prefer the entire news message clickable than just the text.
-A MP comptible
this website is for investors
its for people who are 50 years and older

make a detailed plan please